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Specializing in private, duet and restorative classes for all ages and abilities

Specializing in private, duet and restorative classes for all ages and abilities


"Change happens through movement and movement heals." Joseph Pilates



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Located on Cowrie Lane in the heart of Sechelt Village, Pilates Boutique Studio has been providing Sunshine Coast residents with personalized functional pilates since 2009.

Wendy focuses on addressing your particular needs as an individual, whether you're a beginner to fitness, a professional athlete, recovering from an injury or managing chronic health conditions.

The studio is flooded with natural light and provides a private and peaceful environment conducive to the mind-body experience, supporting the notion that harmony between physical and mental functions is required to achieve a restoration of the body in it's entirety.


"...her studio is beautiful and peaceful so being a busy mom with a full-time job, my two sessions per week with Wendy are always something I look forward to..." 

Stretch, strengthen and rebalance your body in ways that will serve you for a lifetime.

Wendy has been a full-time, comprehensively trained Pilates instructor for 20+ years. Known for her attention to detail, Wendy's teaching stays true to the classical methodology created by Joseph Pilates while incorporating a contemporary approach to biomechanics and yoga inspired mindfulness - focusing on breath, rhythm and visualization.
Safe instruction, proper form and pacing, and individually tailored programs that educate are the basis of her practice.
Applied modalities: 
  • Certified Yoga Instructor 
  • Certified Rossiter Coach (Level 2)  

“My daughter and I had several Pilates instructors at a larger facility, and chose to move exclusively with Wendy because of her clearly superior teaching skills..." 

No two bodies are alike and most people over time develop issues resulting from injury, surgery, illness, emotional trauma, stress, their occupation or simply being sedentary. These can evolve into spine conditions, muscle imbalances or alignment and postural issues from developing compensation patterns and faulty movement habits.
Group classes can be a cost effective option, which is great, but due to the general format and limited individual attention, they're not ideal for everyone.  Privates are tailored to what your body needs, focusing on correcting issues while you strengthen through proper form. This is key in pilates to ensure you are using the correct muscles in the most effective way possible - maximizing results and minimizing risk of injury.

"I have been studying pilates for over 4 years on a one-on-one basis, the last 14 months under Wendy.  I have worked with 4 different instructors during that time....Wendy is an excellent instructor of the pilates method and is certainly the best instructor I have had in terms of helping me perform the exercises correctly...I highly recommend Wendy for anyone who wants to learn more about pilates or continue more advanced studies in the technique."

 Relieve your pain.  Restore your body.  Renew your health. 
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