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One-on-one training is the ideal way to learn pilates. You will learn the Method in a way that's specific to your body's needs to maximize results and minimize risk of injury. Privates are perfect if you prefer a discrete environment and no distractions. Sessions are one hour.

                              $95.00 | Single

                            $450.00 | 5 Pack

                            $850.00 | 10 Pack



Duet classes have two participants only which means you still receive individual instruction and attention. Consider sharing your sessions with a friend or family member!
Classes vary using the reformer, tower, mat, chair, spine corrector, jumpboard, roller, magic circle, and various other props.

                               $60.00 | Single (per person)

                             $275.00 | 5 Pack (per person)

                             $500.00 | 10 Pack (per person)



One-on-one sessions for conditions that require special care and attention. Wendy will liaise with your specialists to ensure goals are achieved safely and effectively to meet your requirements.
Experienced with knee and hip replacements, spine issues such as osteoporosis, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, kyphosis/lordosis and neurological disorders such as 
chronic pain, concussions and more. 


$450.00 | 5 Pack

$850.00 | 10 Pack

"Many thanks! I finally turned that proverbial corner that I can tell my knee replacement is going to work like a real knee. You are SO good at what you do, I’m so happy that I have your assistance." 

"...I started a year after a terrible car accident that left me feeling as though I would always be in pain....Wendy has helped me more than she’ll ever know!.." 

"Wendy is a fantastic educator and motivator! She did consistent Pilates work with me and a back/shoulder issue that was unresolved through massage and chiropractic care, was completely resolved working with her.  

"...4 years and two surgeries later, I am feeling amazing with much of my rehab success owing to Wendy who has made it her mission to help me gain strength in areas I had never accessed before..."

Three months from now you will be glad you started today!

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