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Clients are saying...

"It's been over a decade since starting Pilates under Wendy's watchful eye.  She is a patient, encouraging, extraordinary teacher. She is the BEST!"  Marilyn C

“My daughter and I had several Pilates instructors at a larger facility, and chose to move exclusively with Wendy because of her clearly superior teaching skills, experience and her personal approach to instruction. Wendy is the prime motivator for both of us, and we highly recommend her as a Pilates instructor.”  Dale & Kelly 

"After training with Wendy I connected with my body in a way that I never had before. I had a serious low back injury and had lost connection with myself. Every Pilates session I was encouraged in a way that left me feeling empowered and helped me to rebuild that trust in my body that I was missing. Through training with Wendy I learned what true core strength was and my performance in my sport soared!"  Julia (PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE)

"I have been studying pilates for over 4 years on a one-on-one basis, the last 14 months under Wendy.  I have worked with 4 different instructors during that time, giving me the opportunity to evaluate different teaching techniques, styles and one-on-one interactions.  Based on my experience, Wendy is an excellent instructor of the pilates method and is certainly the best instructor I have had in terms of helping me perform the exercises correctly, giving me a better overall workout in the process. She has an ability to communicate with clients in a very effective manner, through both verbal instruction and demonstration, to allow the client to perform each exercise more precisely and improve the level of workout from each pilates session.  In addition, although I have been “doing pilates” for over 4 years, Wendy is also sufficiently skilled to continually challenge me in each workout, clearly demonstrating that she has the knowledge and ability to teach more advanced levels of pilates.  Finally, she is always pleasant and a pleasure to work with!  She has an excellent personality for teaching, being patient and calm while knowing what each client is capable of, which provides a challenging and enjoyable experience each session. I highly recommend Wendy for anyone who wants to learn more about pilates or continue more advanced studies in the technique."  Sherry T (CFO)

Wendy is a fantastic educator and motivator! She did consistent Pilates work with me and a back/shoulder issue that was unresolved through massage and chiropractic care, was completely resolved working with her.”  Vindy T (LIFE COACH, AUTHOR)

"Wendy is a woman with the utmost patience and sensitivity.  I never felt pressured to undertake a movement that was beyond my capabilities and I trusted her from the start.  Her manner is gentle yet firm, I value the importance of her skills, and have benefitted tremendously from the practice. She looked at me and saw what I needed.  She’s disciplined and she cares.”  


"I have had two hip replacements at age 45 and 46.  I started going to Wendy to gain as much mobility and strength as possible. 4 years and two surgeries later, I am feeling amazing with much of my rehab success owing to Wendy who has made it her mission to help me gain strength in areas I had never accessed before. As well as gaining core strength and better posture, I have re-learned how to walk and move my body in a supported way that eliminates back pain and muscle tightness. Her one-on-one sessions focus on my individual needs/issues so each workout is targeted and effective. "  Jennifer B

“I was recommended to start Pilates as a way to manage a painful low back condition which I have been dealing with for years. Since our first session, I have been extremely thankful for the care, knowledge, understanding and professionalism displayed by Wendy in her practice. She has taken the time to research my back condition and really understand how to incorporate the right movements to help me manage the instability, reduce/eliminate the pain and make me a stronger and healthier woman.  Her studio is beautiful and peaceful so being a busy mom with a full-time job, my two sessions per week with Wendy are always something I look forward to.”  Caroline D

"I have been training with Wendy for the past two years. I started a year after a terrible car accident that left me feeling as though I would always be in pain. Wendy has helped me more than she’ll ever know! She knows my limitations and works with them and celebrates my victories! My body and mind have changed so much!  I look forward to every single class."  Tara C (HAIRSTYLIST)

"Many thanks! I finally turned that proverbial corner that I can tell my knee replacement is going to work like a real knee. You are SO good at what you do, I’m so happy that I have your assistance." Judi (WRITER)

"I can't say enough about Wendy, she's an incredible instructor with endless knowledge."Tara B

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